About Me

About Me

I was born in 1987, in İstanbul. My dad bought me the first Olivetti working with black and white screen with a command prompt and run with great pleasure I used to play with a computer without an operating system. Since then the computers could become a major passion was to begin my adventure.

I arrive just realize that no play on the computer didn't last very long. Ready in my high school years I downloaded from the Internet in html and javascript code to examinate and try to be able to build things started to come very tasteful. It was made to navigate these websites and can not get out of the desire of most of the time at the computer every day that gnawing inside me.

Info noticed when people can bring in expertise that want to develop their skills. I'm a specialist in web and mobile interface software've started the process in this way. I graduated from the Visual Communication Design department of Maltepe University. I get great pleasure from playing basketball and watching, I've tried a lot of sports alongside their American football, such as windsurfing. I Familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator. I fell in love started to use Google's design and material that I began to work on speed. The site you are currently navigating is done with material design framework.

Sometimes I think I'm obsessed, like every human being, and I can not stop the advance of something I like, even if I have time. A lot of people sometimes wonder what to say to my song and I have complete "custom desk PC" Turkish name may call nearly pc board. I could not see but who also have the example in Turkey can share ideas and experiences without ever pull it also. I can help the ones that want help.


  • HTML5

  • Gulp

  • Grunt

  • React

  • ECMAScript

  • jQuery & Mobile

  • Angular 1&2 Version

  • Require JS

  • Node JS

  • TypeScript

  • LESS

  • SASS

  • Stylus

  • MySQL

  • PHP MVC Framework

Education and Awards

Education & Awards

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Maltepe Üniversitesi



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